• 02/23/2021 - Research Stays - Expires: 04/30/2021

    Digital Twin Knowledge Base for submarine robot inspection/manipulation

    As a researcher of the IAI, you actively research by applying and extending the elaborated methods and tools of the IAI (e.g., CRAM, KnowRoB, and openEASE) to the uncertainties of limited resources, computation, and sensor data of submarine robots. You develop a Digital Twin that simulates harsh continuously evolving environments and service tasks on real robots. You design a detailed representation of an environment to be inspected, including data coming from past inspections, both similar and different (e.g., transfer learning from an inspection of the interior of an installation). You work with IAI researchers and engineers of the ROSEN Group, implementing a service for underwater pipeline inspection and maintenance. Interested? More information is available here:
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