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TransAIR aims to extend collaboration between the regional network of researchers from Bremen with scientists from the U.S. The project develops a transatlantic dialogue about artificial intelligence and robotics to facilitate the exchange of ideas regarding AI research, commercialization and public debate in Germany and the U.S. The vision at TransAIR is to ‘put Bremen on the map’ as one of the prime locations for top research in the field of AI-based robotics and initiate collaborative work between Germany and the U.S….

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OPEN Research

Open research grants unrestricted access to contents and products that derive from research processes, such as equipment, methodology, design, software, code, data, and publications which are made available for free….

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Bremen is one of Germany’s leading industrial hubs, but it is also home to a flourishing ecosystem of IT firms and universities. One of the area’s major strengths is its high level of expertise in the fields of robotics and AI….

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Conference 2 -March 2020

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Democratize Artificial Intelligence

The conference “Democratize AI” organized by the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Bremen University kicks off next Wednesday on September 30th…..

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International panel discusses impact of AI on society

Scientists from the US, Canada, France, Japan, the Netherlands and Germany presented their views of the risks and opportunities surrounding AI and robotics….
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TransAIR kickoff started

TransAIR launched with a panel discussion where experts from countries around the globe discussed on the impact of AI and potentials on international cooperation. This event took place in the EASE Fall School at the University of Bremen….
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Kitchen hacks for robots build on open-source

Making pizza, popcorn or pancakes is no problem for the robots Boxy and Pepper from the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Bremen. But is their artificial intelligence really enough to provide help to people who really need it in their everyday lives?…. More Info

TransAIR at Silicon Valley

German and US researchers come together in Silicon Valley to network on attractive work models for the future….
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Date: 30th September

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Online Transatlantic Conference: Democratize AI

“Democratize with open research” addresses advantages, challenges, and potentials of open science in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics including planning, motor control, knowledge representation, reasoning, machine learning, computer vision, and much more.

This is a great opportunity for you to see challenging robot demonstrations, open research in action, and even to try things out! Save the date 30th of September.

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The Future of Work

With the advancement in technology, researchers are currently looking for solutions to pressing questions about the future of the workplace. Will machines replace humans in the workplace? What kind of working skills will an individual require  in the future? Can machines coexist together with humans in the workplace?…..

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