Democratize AI with open research

About the conference

The conference addresses advances, challenges, and potentials of open science in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics including planning, motor control, knowledge representation, reasoning, machine learning, computer vision, and more. 

This is a great opportunity for you to see challenging demonstrations, open research in action, and even to try things out! Our conference platform supports best networking opportunities for our tribe, lets meet ūüôā
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The conference will take place online. Make sure to register before heading to the conference. It might take some time until access to the conference is granted.

We are providing a completely virtual experience: Customize your virtual avatar, explore the conference by walking around our venue, have group conversations while enjoying the virtual coffee break or private conversations. Venue opens September 30 at 08:00 am EDT (our number of concurrent participants is limited).

International speakers

Prof. Yiannis Aloimonos

University of Maryland

Prof. Lydia Kavraki

Rice University

Prof. Chad Jenkins

Michigan University

Prof. John Laird

Michigan University

Radu Rusu

Fyusion Inc.

Prof. Jan Andersen

Denmark University

Panel Discussion

Open vs. Closed research for AI-based Robotics: Challenges, Opportunities, Caveats

Michael Beetz

Universität Bremen

Dave Coleman


Moritz Tenorth


Alessandro Saffiotti

√Ėrebro University

Time & Date

Date: 30th September – 15th October 2020

Time: 9:00 a.m. Р12:00 p.m. in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), except day Friday 9.10 due to the closing panel discussion.


Wed. 30.09

Release of video materials.

To access the video material of the conference, you have to log in to the virtual conference platform (to conference, see above button) and then navigate down to the ‚Äěvideo room‚Äú with your avatar.

Videos from EASE CRC (Everyday Activity Science and Engineering):

  • Robot Demonstration driven by open innovation platforms (EASE collaborative work) Video
  • From Human to Robot Everyday Activity (EASE collaborative work)
  • Milestone Spoon Challenge (EASE collaborative work) Video

Invited talks, interview and tutorials:

  • Tutorial on CRAM (Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine) (Gayane Kazhoyan) Video
  • Semantic Collision Detection and Proximity Query (Toni Tan) Video
  • Mining and Explicating Instructions for Everyday Activities (Johannes Pfau) Video
  • Open Research and the Soar Cognitive Architecture (John Laird) Video
  • How Do We Build The Next Internet? (Radu Rusu) Video
  • Research Administration in Open Science (Jan Andersen) Video
  • That Ain’t Right – AI Mistakes and Black Lives (Chad Jenkins) Video
  • OMPL for Motion Planning (Lydia Kavraki) Video
  • A short Socratic Dialogue on Action and Intelligence (Eadom Dessalene, Yiannis Aloimonos) Video
  • High Precision Hand Tracking using a Marker-based Approach (Janis Ro√ükamp) Video
  • Dataset of Binocular and RGB-D images annotated with 6d Poses (Jesse Richter-Klug) Video
  • Virtual Prototype Based Verification (Vladimir Herdt) Video
  • Embodied Semantics for the Language of Action and Change (Mihai Pomarlan) Video

All indicated times are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

vcb = virtual coffee break

Mon 5.10  

9 am:  Q&A Gayane Kazhoyan + 10 min. vcb

10 am: Q&A Toni Tan + 10 min. vcb

11 am: Q&A Johannes Pfau + 10 min. vcb

15 pm: Q&A Watch-Parties (Video A3, A4, B1)


Tue. 6.10  

9 am: Q&A John Laird + 10 min. vcb

10 am: Q&A Radu Rusu + 10 min. vcb

11 am: Q&A Jan Andersen + 10 min. vcb

15 pm: Q&A Watch-Parties (Video C3, D2, B2)


Wed. 7.10  

9 am: Q&A Chad Jenkins + 10 min. vcb

10 am: Q&A Lydia Kavraki + 10 min. vcb

11 am: Q&A Yiannis Aloimonos + 10 min. vcb

15 pm: Q&A Watch-Parties (Video B3, B4, C1)


Thu. 8.10  

9 am: Q&A Janis Roßkamp + 10 min. vcb

10 am: Q&A Jesse Richter-Klug + 10 min. vcb

11 am: Q&A Vladimir Herdt + 10 min. vcb

15 pm: Q&A Watch-Parties (Video C2, D3, D4)


Fri. 9.10  

9 am: Q&A Networking

10 am: Q&A Mihai Pomarlan + 10 min. vcb

11 am: Q&A Networking

12 pm: Panel Discussion

14 pm: Networking


Everyday from Sat. 10.10 until  Wed. 14.10

10 am: Q&A Watch-Parties

11 am: Q&A Networking


Wed. 14.10

End of Conference